Connect to resellers worldwide

Prio is your access point to any online travel agent, hotel network or tour operator worldwide.

check Connect with reseller and suppliers worldwide
check Access wide portfolio of products and access new markets
check Eliminate the hassle of administration with the auto contracting tool

Maximise your connectivity

Prio is your access point to any online travel agent, hotel network or tour operator worldwide.


Connect with resellers

To integrate with resellers we set-up a safe connection and secure data exchange protocol. Each new reseller will receive private API credentials to get access to the product content and availability. With this connection the reseller is able to create or cancel bookings, and receive a code for each booking.


Digital contracting

Eliminate the hassle of administration with the auto contracting tool in the marketplace. Search for partners, connect via an automated approval workflow, and send contracts with customised sales and commission agreements


Integrate with your own reservation system

Prevent any issues with overbookings. Connect with our supplier inventory API for an automated and real-time availability check with your own reservation system before a reseller can make a booking. After booking the barcode will be taken from your own reservation system and forwarded to the connected reseller.


Rule engine

Integrate resellers based on pre-set business considerations. Assign certain capacity for specific time slots to resellers or offer volume based pricing. with just a few clicks, you can manage your content, capacity, customise your prices, and control your margins for every distribution channel.


Combine and cross-sell tickets

In the prioMarketplace you can partner with other attractions on the platform and combine your tickets or cross-sell your products. Create, customise and resell this new created product to the connected resellers or your own channel. Become a reseller of your partners and give your sales an extra boost by utilizing each others products and channels

Advanced functionalities and tools

Multilingual content management

The content management system helps any company to create the perfect product with the extended ticket creation module. And our translation centre is designed to translate your content to multiple languages in a simple way to be able to work with any reseller worldwide.

Capacity management

Manage your capacity and availability for each of the distribution channels through one control panel. Settings for high and low season, peak and off-peak hours, are automatically set for the entire period so you can maintain complete control over your distribution through the platform

Pricing tools

The pricing tools in the marketplace are flexible and dynamic to match with your business needs. Set high and low season pricing to make sure tickets are always sold under the right pricing structure. Reward resellers for hitting sales targets by setting commission tiers.

Financials and reporting

The financial overview page gives you one single dashboard of your performance of all your integrated channels. The sophisticated reporting tools allow you to analyse ticket sales, promotions effectiveness and distribution channels performance, so you can learn, optimise and grow.